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Anxiety is a natural human emotion built to protect us. The end game for most anxiety is control. If I could control (fill in the blank) I'd be less anxious. Most of us can fill in the blank. This feeling can grow to an unhealthy level due to life stressors. This is an anxiety disorder; which affects nearly 40 million people in the US. Through traditional treatment and now, with ketamine, Life Tree is finding effective means to treat the root causes of anxiety symptoms.

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What Are My Options for Treatment

Traditional Treatments

Talk therapy and psychological counseling are a great place to start when treating an anxiety disorder. This gives our staff the time to evaluate a successful treatment plan. Medications may be administered to work in conjunction with traditional therapy. 

Ketamine for Anxiety

Ketamine has been shown to be effective in generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and treatment-resistant depression when given through a variety of methods. Studies have demonstrated a rapid reduction in symptoms following a single dose of ketamine, and prolonged results lasting from weeks to months with frequent/repeated doses.

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