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PTSD Therapy

Are you or someone you know suffering from PTSD? Ketamine therapy is proving to be a rapid and effective treatment for people suffering from PTSD. By relieving the anxious and depressive effects of this disorder, Life Tree aims to help both Veterans and civilians find relief.

What Is PTSD and How Is It Treated

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PTSD is generally associated with veterans of war but anyone who has experienced significant trauma can suffer from its troubling effects. 

According to the DSM 5 PTSD can be caused by exposure to actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violence.

PTSD is generally treated with cognitive behavioral therapy and a medication regimen. In recent years the use of ketamine in PTSD patients has shown promising results, which is why we also offer ketamine therapy at Life Tree Psychiatry.

and PTSD

Ketamine has been making a name for itself it treating a variety of mood disorders, PTSD being one of them. The mechanism in which ketamine effects the brain is showing positive results in rapidly and significantly reducing symptom severity.  

and PTSD

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a valuable tool to use in conjunction with medication. During a psychological evaluation our team with learn about your specific issues and you have the option to meet with a professional therapists to work through your issues with you. 

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