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Depression Treatments

An estimated 16 million Americans suffer from some form of depression, with only a small percentage finding relief. Life Tree offers multiple treatment options to diagnose the correct path. Recently, Ketamine is taking a new approach to this growing epidemic with staggering results, having researchers hail it as, "the biggest development in psychiatry to date."

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What Are My Options for Treatment

Traditional Treatments

Talk therapy and psychological counseling are a great place to start when treating a depression disorder. This gives our staff the time to evaluate a successful treatment plan. Medications may be administered to work in conjunction with traditional therapy. 

Ketamine for Depression

The inventive use of ketamine for depression disorders is finding new mechanisms to treat a diagnosis that affects millions. Studies continue to show the rapid effects and longer relief times by interacting with the brain in an innovative way. 


Fill out the contact form to schedule a consultation with the Dr. Ask questions and find out if ketamine is a good fit for your mental health routine.


Our professional staff will take your through the ketamine therapy process. This generally takes about an hour and positive effects are often seen within the first 24 hrs. 


The rapid effectiveness of ketamine is revolutionary and the duration of relief between sessions can last months for some patients. 

About Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine has been shown to be effective in major depressive disorder (MDD) and treatment-resistant depression when given through a variety of methods. Studies have demonstrated a rapid reduction in symptoms following a single dose of ketamine, and prolonged results lasting from weeks to months with frequent/repeated doses.

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